sanjiv linkedinRaising kids is a blast, it is a pain in the rear, it is joyful, it makes you want to tear your hair out. It’s all of the above and more. I wouldn’t want to trade it for anything in the world. There are plenty of parenting resources out there and most of those resources are far more knowledgeable than I’d ever be.  This is not a blog about better parenting.

This is my personal space to share stories and thoughts around raising our kids in the US (we have two girls 8 and soon to be 6 ) – dealing with all the joys and frustrations that come with trying to get kids get comfortable in the fact that they belong to two cultures – American and Indian. I hope that our kids will grow up comfortable in their identity and will avoid the dreaded ABCD (American Born Confused Desi. Desi is a person of Southeast Asian origin) moniker. We will see.

Welcome to the blog. Hope you enjoy my rants.

Sanjiv Sinha

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