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4th grade Volleyball – are we Tiger parents?

Our older child signed up for Volleyball in the last couple of months (she is in 4th grade). We are pulling her out of the team for the next season and looking for another team for her. The reasons?
1. The team was all over the place – it had kids of all ages and abilities – boys and girls from 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade.
2. The coaching was too passive. The coach pretty much took a hands-off attitude to coaching while the game was on.
3. There was no discipline in the squad. Before a game, instead of doing drills, kids could be caught running around, doing cartwheels and playing basketball (with a volleyball).
We lost every single game in the season this far. The sad thing is that we could have won at least a couple with a little aggressive/focused coaching. While we didn’t put our child in for competitive reasons, it would be nice and motivating if they had won a couple of games.
The thing is that our girl actually seems to be enjoying it and seems to have an aptitude for it but we are pulling her out and searching for another team for her. Are we being the typical “must succeed” Asian parent?

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