Diwali celebration 2010

Celebrating Diwali with our friends and family is a tradition we started many years back. What started as a pot luck gathering for close friends has grown to where we don’t host the event at home any more. This year we had over 165 people celebrating with us at a hotel ballroom we had rented out.

Our kids and their parents really put their heart into this. Songs and dances were practiced for weeks before the celebration. And what a celebration it was, we had aarti, followed by classical and Bollywood dances along with a number of vocal performances.

Seeing the effort that goes into our celebration every year and how much kids look forward to it year on year makes me think that this is definitely one thing we are doing right.

A couple of days after our Diwali celebration, in a school writing assignment, my daughter wrote an article on Diwali and how she really enjoys it and looks forward to it year on year. Now, she couldn’t quite remember what we celebrate on Diwali, but that is something we can work on. The important thing is that there is a piece of her heritage that she enjoys and embraces.

Do you have a piece of your heritage that you are codifying and trying to pass on to your children. Would love to hear about it.

Here’s wishing you peace, health, prosperity and sanity.

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